SEO for Content Creators new

Writing content that gets seen.

Learn the techniques and industry standard tools used by the top companies to create content that ranks highest in Search Engines. 

Course Description

Writing the content is just the first part. Getting your content seen and ranking high in search engines is a skill not often taught in schools or in communications programs. Learning the tools, tactics and tips in this workshop will set you ahead of your content creating competition and prepare you for a successful career of your choice in a Fortune 500 company. 

Curriculum Details

Students will take a closer look at Search engines and how they work. They will learn how this knowledge is used to increase visibility of their content using Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques. 

Students will learn best-in-class steps to create a data driven and unbiased documentation of their target customer(s). Students will learn to use industry standard tools such as Personas and Empathy Maps.

Students will learn to use cutting-edge tools to identify the questions that their priority customers care about most

Students will learn to use a tool to complete keyword research and understand the role of keywords in Search Engine Rankings

Students will learn to create SEO optimized headlines that increase page ranking in search engines.

Students will learn how to adapt and optimize content using an industry standard tool in order to create articles that Google considers to be high-value.


Students will learn the value and purpose of internal and external linking to increase page credibility, while learning to use a cutting-edge tool that helps to establish links within articles

Students will learn how to track progress using industry standard tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and SEM Rush