Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Find Your Plug is one of the leading full-service digital agencies in New York City serving small to medium businesses. We help you become more relevant and sell more stuff to more people for more money more often!



SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that aims to make your website easy to understand for users and search engines alike.


Pay-per - click

At Find Your Plug, we have a team of certified PPC professionals who have the skills and talent to get things moving in the right direction.



Business owners often put social media marketing as a second thought—something for an amateur to handle, rather than a strategy that builds reputation and attracts new traffic.


Web design

Designing your own website could save you money upfront. But within a year or a few months, you will lose more revenue and credibility than you have in comparison to simply hiring a professional.


About us

How’d We Get Plugged In?

After over a decade delivering unprecedented profit and sales growth for an impressive roster of Fortune 500 brands, Find Your Plug founder Salim Holder realized his most powerful talent was as a facilitator between powerful business people and personalities that captivate, motivate and innovate. So, he decided to make a business out of that.

To put it another way, he looked through his contacts and realized he knew a whole lot of somebodies that knew a whole lot more somebodies. Starting with his vast network of clients and people, Holder has grown Find Your Plug into a team of brilliant collaborators, all interested in crafting truly memorable experiences for brands. It all starts with connections and leads to sustainable streams of profit.


The best people for the job, on your team.

We are comprised of a team of content creators, strategic thinkers, and innovative technologists; digital is our native language. Because we know that good knowledge of how search engines work is necessary to get results.


Nothing Trivial. No shortcuts.

Just real, consistent results that make YOU number one

Find Your Plug is a full-service digital marketing agency built to drive businesses to the top. Technology-enabled, results-obsessed, driving sales and moving the needle is what matters to us.

We work with emerging startups, challenger brands, and forward thinking enterprises. With expertise in driving conversion through digital marketing strategies, we help businesses gain repeat traffic, increase sales and generate greater brand loyalty online.

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